Program information will be posted as confirmed

Conference programming usually involves an opening plenary session, concurrent sessions running Friday and Saturday. The sessions can be presentations, workshops, and/or tours. The social program includes a Welcome Reception on Thursday night and a Gala Dinner on Friday. Optional tours and activities could also be offered. Stay tuned for updates.


Th‚Äčis conference is an initiative by Community Heritage Ontario to provide information, education, points of view and opinions to maintain and enhance the competence of and inspire individuals working in the heritage field, whether professionals or volunteers.

The presentations and sessions during this conference do not, however, represent or embody any official positions of or statements by Community Heritage Ontario, or its directors and officers, except where this is specifically indicated. The participants at this conference acknowledge and agree that Community Heritage Ontario does not accept any responsibility or liability for the content of any verbal or written presentations by third parties. In addition, the presentations and sessions at this conference do not attempt to set forth definitive methods or standards or provide legal advice.

Any materials provided are intended to be used thoughtfully by participants, as nothing presented at this conference relieves participants of their responsibility to consider the content in the light of their own judgment and experience.