2020 Ontario Heritage Conference

May 28-30, 2020 ~ Markham, ON  

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Friday, May 29 - Gala Dinner

Alex Bozikovic

He will be speaking on what heritage means now in Ontario - the issues, methods and people.

Alex is The Globe and Mail's architecture critic. He is the co-author of Toronto Architecture: A City Guide (McClelland and Stewart, 2017). He has won a National Magazine Award and has also written for design publications such as Azure, Blueprint, Dwell, Spacing and Wallpaper.

Friday, May 29 - Opening Keynote

William Greaves

Ontario Place, a seminal work of 20th Century architecture and landscape design on the Toronto Waterfront, faces an uncertain future.  Bill will discuss the heritage value of the site and the many benefits that could come from its conservation. The concept of a crossroads describes not only the current political reality facing the site but also illuminates a defining feature of Ontario Place: a site located at the intersection of multiple disciplines, traditions and geographies that serves the needs of a diverse collection of population groups. 

Bill Greaves  B.A., M.Arch is the founder and past-director of The Vann Molyvann Project.  As project director, Bill worked extensively in Phnom Penh with Cambodian and international architects, students, and researchers to document the work of Cambodia’s most important and prolific architect of this period.

In addition to his work with The Vann Molyvann project, Bill continues to research and speak on issues related to architectural heritage in Cambodia and to advocate for the preservation of urban landscapes in Southeast Asia as the region develops.

Now based in Toronto, Bill continues to advocate for protection of built heritage—with a particular focus on work of the 20th Century.  a site currently at risk due to the Provincial Government’s announced intent to make it available for private development.

Previously, Bill served as senior architectural project manager at Steven Harris Architects and architectural project manager at Pelli Clarke Pelli, both in New York.  He has delivered guest lectures at the Sasa Bassac Gallery and the French Cultural Center in Phnom Penh, Ohio University, The New School, the Meta House German Cambodia Cultural Center, and Yale University.

Results of the research conducted by The Vann Molyvann project were presented in the Yale Journal of Architecture. Bill has also contributed to articles and essays to the Wall Street Journal, Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia Daily, Conde Nast Traveller, and Form Magazine

Here are some of the interesting topics we are currently working on as part of the 2020 Conference Program:

  • Navigating the Changes to the Ontario Heritage Act
  • LPAT Here we Come!
  • Development on Steroids – Appropriate Mixed Use Infill in a Heritage District
  • Additions to Heritage Buildings – Why are they sol Challenging?
  • Convincing Council why Heritage Matters
  • Protecting Heritage Resources When No One is Home
  • Historic Monuments – When Good Monuments Go Bad
  • Why Don’t They Like Us – Can we make Heritage relevant to our ever                     changing society?
  • What to do when God leaves the Building – Adaptive Re-use of Places of               Worship
  • Everything Old is New Again – Adaptive Re-use of Heritage Buildings
  • Buildings on the Move – Relocating Cultural Heritage Resources
  • What to do once the cows have left the Barn
  • That Building Has Style
  • Using Emerging Technology for Heritage Administration and Interpretation
  • It’s Gotta Come Down! Combating Demolition due to Structural Issues

Check back in early 2020 to discover more details.



This conference is an initiative by Community Heritage Ontario to provide information, education, points of view and opinions to maintain and enhance the competence of and inspire individuals working in the heritage field, whether professionals or volunteers.  The presentations and sessions during this conference do not, however, represent or embody any official positions of or statements by Community Heritage Ontario, or its directors and officers, except where this is specifically indicated.  The participants at this conference acknowledge and agree that Community Heritage Ontario does not accept any responsibility or liability for the content of any verbal or written presentations by third parties.  In addition, the presentations and sessions at this conference do not attempt to set forth definitive methods or standards or provide legal advice.  Any materials provided are intended to be used thoughtfully by participants, as nothing presented at this conference relieves participants of their responsibility to consider the content in the light of their own judgment and experience.