Student Subsidies to attend the 2022 Ontario Heritage Conference


2022 Ontario Heritage Conference

June 16-18, 2022

Brockville and Surrounding Area

In an effort to encourage students to develop an interest in heritage, CHO/PCO wishes to set up a program to subsidize students who wish to attend the annual Ontario Heritage Conference. The details of the subsidy are as follows:

Eligibility: A student must have been in an Ontario university or college program within the last year, preferably in a program that is in some way related to the heritage field.

Discretion: Awarding subsidies is entirely at the discretion of the CHO/PCO Board or a subcommittee of the CHO/PCO Board, including the quantum of the subsidy for each student. Consideration will be given to students from the general area where the conference is being held.

Available Funds: For each annual conference, the CHO/PCO Board will decide how much is available for subsidies. For 2022 the CHO/PCO Board will sponsor 3 students.

Use of the Funds: The subsidy will be for conference registration, travel expenses, and accommodation during the conference. If a student is successful in being awarded the subsidy, the registration subsidy will be paid directly by CHO/PCO into the conference bank account. For travel and accommodation expenses, the student must provide original receipts in order to receive reimbursement.

CHO/PCO Membership: Subsidized students will also receive a one-year membership in CHO/PCO free of charge.

Post Conference Report: Each of the subsidized students must write a 1000–1500-word report to the CHO/PCO Board after the conference setting out what was of value about the conference. The student reports may be published in CHOnews or online at the CHO/PCO website.

Application: CHO/PCO will set a deadline for receipt of applications which must set out the following:

 Full Name:

 Address:

 Phone Number:

 Email Address:

 Relevant College or University Program:

 Reason for attending the heritage conference:

Applications can be sent to [email protected] no later than May 18, 2022